Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wellness Summary on Employee Self Service

Hopefully by now all you Wellness Pledge Participants have had the opportunity to complete and submit your online Health Assessment, as well as follow up with an additional three health-related actions/pledges listed in the 2015 Wellness Pledge Paycheck Credit Program. If not, there is still time to comply and get paycheck credits in 2015.

View Your Summary
You are now able to view your Pledge compliance on ESS. Notice that the online Health Assessment is listed first and in bold due to the mandatory completion requirements. If you do not complete and submit the online Health Assessment Pledge prior to September 30, you will not receive any paycheck credits for you other pledges.

The summary shows the pledge action choice on the left and the date of service you complied on the right.
As you can see none of the employee's pledges have been loaded into the Wellness Summary yet.

Please note: When you take action on one of your Wellness Pledges it takes at least one month for that information to load into your summary.

Below is the schedule of file uploading into the North Shore-LIJ platform from our carriers:
Health Assessment: 3rd Monday of month
United Healthcare claims: 3rd Monday of month
Cigna Dental claims: 1st Monday of month
Davis Vision claims: 1st day of month
Wellness Video on iLearn: 1st Monday of month

How Your Information Loads
Let's give some examples:
Your annual exam was on July 23, 2014. You should see your visit as complied after Wednesday, August 20 because United feeds their files on the 3rd Monday of the month.
Your dental cleaning was sometime in January and again in July. You should see your dental visit as complied on the January date of service. Your second visit will not override your first.
Your eyes were examined on August 1, 2014. To view your date of service on our Wellness Summary you will have to check back after September 1.

Still Don't See Date of Service?
Please keep in mind your physician's office may delay filing the claim with the carrier, which will further delay the capturing of your visit. Not to worry - as long as you complete your four wellness pledges/actions before September 30 you will receive the paycheck credits in 2015.

Check on the Status of Your Pledges
If you want to check up on the status of your pledges visit Employee Self Service - Personal Information - Self Service - Benefits - Wellness Summary.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's Still Time to Do Wellness Pledges

Did you know over 8,000 benefit participants did not file a healthcare claim in 2013? That means 8,000 of our employees/dependents were not proactive with their health in 2013! So while there is still a few good weeks left to the lazy hazy days of summer what better way to celebrate than to Pledge to Be Well. 

With just a few weeks left until life starts getting busier, now is the time to think about you! If you are planning on enrolling in the 2015 medical plan with North Shore-LIJ, and have not had the chance to review or act on the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program in exchange for your paycheck credits in 2015, the time to act is NOW -  the deadline for pledge compliance is September 30.

Who is Eligible?
Full-time and eligible part-time non-union employees and Lenox Hill nurses who are enrolling or re-enrolling in the 2015 medical plan through North Shore-LIJ.

Here's the quickest way to health before the deadline date of September 30:

One:  Submit Your Mandatory Online Health Assessment 
Complete the online Health Assessment (HA) on (which is a mandatory pledge). Visit HealthPort for detailed instructions.

Two: Watch the Wellness Video on iLearn
Take 2 to 3 minutes to watch this informative video about your preventive care on North Shore-LIJ's Learning Management System's iLearn (refer to this blog post for more on the video)If the Wellness Video Pledge is not loaded on your module and you know you have not viewed it, contact for help.

Three: Schedule a Dental Exam
If you are up to date on your dental hygiene you should be scheduling your second dental exam/cleaning for the calendar year. If so, note you have complied as of the first, since the dates of eligibility are January 1 through September 30. If you have not had any dental exam in 2014 and have no dentist, search Cigna Providers.

Four: Schedule An Eye Exam
Schedule an exam even if you have no problems with your vision. Vision issues can arise as we age. Search Davis Vision for a location near you. Keep in mind you need to be currently enrolled in the Vision Plan for your visit to be recorded.

What Else?
Another valuable Pledge is the HA for your Covered Spouse - just keep in mind your spouse can only participate if he or she is currently enrolled in the health system's medical plan with United. Visit

Visit HealthPort or tool around this Blog, to learn more about the other pledge choices available to you.
Here's to a happy healthy you - all year long!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Schedule Time for a Brighter Future

With the official kick off to summer happening on June 21 what better way to celebrate the season than to think smart about all those sunny skies ahead.

Here to Help
In conjunction with North Shore-LIJ, the retirement experts at Transamerica Retirement Solutions is now offering one-on-one half hour retirement planning sessions with one of its' four on-site retirement consultants. These qualified experts will help you to analyze your current financial situation and help you to get on track for a bright and secure financial future. There are no fees or sales associated with these meetings, they are offered to you as part of your Total Rewards Package at North Shore-LIJ. Sign up today and:
  • Learn more about saving and investing
  • Enroll in the plan, if you have not done so yet
  • Determine how much you should be contributing
  • Understand the investment options offered to you through North Shore-LIJ
  • Get familiar with the interactive investment tools on
Contact Information
For your convenience you can choose a time and place that best works for your by scheduling directly on the Transamerica website:

To contact the reps directly:
For Franklin, Southside, Plainview, Syosset and Huntington hospitals, contact Paul Joseph at or 914-268-8787

For Lenox Hill and Staten Island University hospitals and MEETH, contact Diane Aurelio at or 347-918-7693

For North Shore University, Forest Hills, Glen Cove and Zucker Hillside hospitals, and LIJ and Cohen's medical centers, and Corporate offices, contact Paul Darata at or 201-249-3380 or Steve Israel at or 516-459-3150.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pledge # 8 Wellness Education Video Pledge

If you are one on the many healthy-minded employees eager to comply with all four pledges in exchange for your 2015 paycheck credits of $260 per pledge, pledge #8 is now available for compliance. In the Wellness Video, our friends at UnitedHealthcare will cover some basic information on preventive care; suggested screenings and exams, and the importance of an annual well visit.

Getting Credit for the Video Pledge
The Wellness Education Video Pledge is housed as an iLearn module on North Shore-LIJ's Learning Management System, and will disappear once you have viewed and submitted "yes". Here are the basic steps to complete and comply with the Wellness Education Video Pledge:
  1. Link to iLearn
  2. Click on the blue bar "Learning Management System"
  3. The portal will validate your personal account/learning module
  4. You will see "NSLIJ Wellness Video"
  5. Hit the blue round button "Launch" on the right hand side
  6. Watch the video in its entirety 
  7. Click "Next" in the upper right corner
  8. You will then be prompted "Please click yes below to confirm that you watched the video."
  9. Click the box "Yes"
  10. Then click "Submit" in the upper right corner
  11. A "Results"chart will appear on your screen, letting you know you passed 
  12. Then click "Exit" in the upper right corner
  13. Your module will disappear and you will be recorded as complete through the tracking system built into iLearn - if the "NSLIJ Wellness Video" module is still visible on the portal you did not properly complete - try again at this point
Congratulations! You just made another great effort towards a healthier and wealthier future!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What to Expect from the Clinical-Based Pledges

If you are a non-union, benefits-eligible employee, who just happens to be reading your emails from the Department of Total Rewards, you know by now there is a new design to the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program. In close collaboration with the Wellness Team, the Program was rethought to encourage employees to better engage in their health care routine, by proactively scheduling exams and screenings that are tracked through North Shore-LIJ's carriers, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna Dental and Davis Vision. You are recognized for your preventive care pledge compliance with $260 for each pledge, credited to your paycheck beginning January, 2015.

As mentioned in the previous post - you now have choices - in fact you have nine of them! Out of those nine pledges, seven need scheduling on your part. Take the time to review your options carefully, as they were designed to give you the opportunity to act proactively on your health and preventive care - long before enrolling in your 2015 benefit plans.

What to Expect at Your Visit or Screening
Some of you may have never scheduled a physician wellness visit before, or perhaps it's your first time to the dermatologist. Whatever your level of knowledge is - it's always good to know more. For more information about the seven clinically-based wellness pledges read more on HealthPort - HR - Benefits. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

2015 Wellness Pledge Program Starts Now!

Your wellness should be top of mind all year round. That's why the health system has redesigned the Wellness Pledge Program for all benefits-eligible employees who plan to enroll, or re-enroll, in the North Shore-LIJ Value or Buy-Up medical plans with UnitedHealthcare in 2015.

Available Now
Unlike previous years, the Wellness Pledges are available to you now through September 30, 2014. In conjunction with Employee Wellness, the Benefits Team is hoping by offering you these opportunities well in advance of Open Enrollment you will  be more prone to take positive action about your health early on.

Here's How it Works
You have from January 1 to September 30, 2014 to complete four Wellness Pledges in exchange for four paycheck credits in 2015. Each pledge is worth $260 annually, totaling $1,040 in savings to your pockets in 2015.
Step One: You must choose to complete and submit your health assessment in order to proceed with the other three out of nine pledges offered. The reason for this HA requirement is so you take accountability of your health.
  • Visit
  • If you have not registered yet: register, login, then click the blue button on the right side of the screen "Health Assessment" - this will take you to another registration and login screen where you will use the same username and password you used for myuhc
  • If you are already registered from last year: Simply login and click on Health Assessment and begin the assessment
  • Once complete hit submit, and save your confirmation statement.
Keep in Mind
  • You cannot resubmit your HA until six months have passed since your last Health Assessment
  • If you were unable to complete your 2014 HA until January 2014, your HA is then good for 2015 Wellness Pledge compliance
Step Two: Choose to complete three of the nine pledges listed below before September 30, 2014. Each pledge will be tracked by one of three carriers: UnitedHealthcare, Davis Vision or Cigna. There is nothing for you to track. Choose to act on three of the following Wellness Pledges now, in exchange for paycheck credits in 2015:
  1. Physician Wellness Visit
  2. Dental Exam 
  3. Vision Exam 
  4. Breast Cancer Screening
  5. Skin Cancer Screening
  6. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  7. Cervical Cancer Screening
  8. Wellness Education Video (not active - you will be notified once live)
  9. Health Assessment for a Covered Spouse
For more information and instructions about the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program, visit HealthPort-HR-Benefits.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visit UnitedHealthcare Online at

If you have medical benefits through North Shore-LIJ's Value or Buy-Up Plan then you have access to valuable health information housed on UnitedHealthcare's confidential website.

Get Started
Once registered and logged in, you can view your benefits and coverage, medical and reimbursement policies, all while utilizing  interactive tools, such as myHealthcare Cost Estimator,  a tool designed to estimate your healthcare costs, leading you to better decision making.

Great Resource for Health Information
In addition to being a great resource when managing your services and claims, shares valuable health information that is constantly updated and refreshed.
  • View May's Wellness Online featuring Blood Pressure Awareness.
  • Visit the LiveWell, BeWell, WorkWell section - covering sensitive topics such as grief and loss, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, anger management and so much more*. 
  • And don't forget to check in and utilize the I Do section. Here you can research weight management, stress relievers, exercise, nutrition and general preventive care.
Download the Health4Me App
Now you can get all this information - and more - right in the palm of your hand. Download the free Health4Me app to your Smartphone and get on the go. Take a moment and view this brief video to see how it works.

*If you find yourself dealing with difficult topics or feelings, be sure to reach out to the North Shore-LIJ behavioral health experts at the Employee Assistance Program: 1-877-327-4968 or EAP is a professional, confidential counseling service designed to help you resolve problems that have an impact on your life at home, school or work.