Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2016 Benefits Open Enrollment is November 30

Let's Make It Easy! 

Consider Where You Live
North Shore-LIJ is offering a a new medical plan option through our own insurance company, CareConnect. CareConnect offers coverage only through their own network, but their network is BIG - 20,000 providers and growing: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester and Eastern Long Island . Look here

Consider Childcare and Elder Care Expenses 
When Open Enrollment rolls around be sure to keep in mind what you pay out for daycare, camp and after-school expenses for a child under the age or 13, as well what you pay for providing care for an aging parent. North Shore-LIJ (soon to be Northwell Health) has partnered with WageWorks to help you save on this overwhelming dependent care expense through pre-taxed payroll deduction, called the Dependent Flexible Spending Account. Check it out on

Consider Your Disability Plan
You may want to consider buying up your disability plan. Employees are automatically enrolled into a 50% Short-Term Plan once hired through the health system. Consider "buying up" during Open Enrollment and you will be covered at 60% of your base pay up to $2,000 per week. Evidence of Good Health will be required.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

North Shore-LIJ (soon to be Northwell Health) is getting ready for YOU!

There is a reason the word "well" was added to our name!
As we begin to share, in the anticipation of, and exposure to, our new name and brand promise — what better time to reflect, and be thankful for, the many rewards the health system offers us.

2016 Benefit Offerings
Open Enrollment for your 2016 benefits package begins Monday, November 30, and runs through Friday, December 11. Other than a Qualifying Life Event (QLE)*, this is your annual opportunity to enroll, waive, or change your health and welfare plans, and Flexible Spending Account(s).

New Medical Plan Choice in 2016
You now have a new plan option for your 2016 medical care coverage. In addition to the Value and Buy-Up medical plans through United Healthcare, you can also choose to enroll in the 2016 CareConnect North Shore-LIJ Employee plan.

Who Should Consider the CareConnect plan?
Due to their expanded network base - those employees who live in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester should consider CareConnect
Due to their excellent customer service reputation - those employees who already visit in-system providers might want to consider the option for walk-in appointments and "one-stop shopping" when inquiring and scheduling medical appointments
Due to their low rates - yes their rates are 10% lower than the NSLIJ Value Plan

Keep in mind: Although CareConnect's plan gives you access to over 20,000+ in-system providers, it does not cover out-of-network providers and facilities. 
Example: You decide you want that knee replacement at Hospital for Special Surgery ... it will not be covered through CareConnect's Plan.
The Value and Buy-Up plan will cover the surgery, but you will pay a deductible and coinsurance.

The CareConnect plan is administered by CareConnect Administrative Services, which is owned by North Shore-LIJ. For more information about the new CareConnect North Shore-LIJ Employee Plan, email:

Annual Wellness Pledge Program 
All three medical plans participate in the Annual Wellness Pledge Program. So whichever plan you choose for 2016,  you will have the ability to lower the cost of your benefit, by $1,040, if you participate in four healthy actions.

New Wellness Plan for All Employees
All employees now have the opportunity to participate in a system-wide, online wellness program, called myWellness. To register for this reward-based program, click here. 

Follow the Blog During Open Enrollment!
Add your work email to the tab at the top of the screen, and you will automatically receive alerts regarding your benefit choices in 2016.

Take control of your benefit choices — it's all about the Power of YOU in 2016!

*A Qualifying Life Event refers to a change in your dependent or self status, due to a recent marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, or your spouse's employment. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Compliance Facts: Wellness Pledge Program

If you are currently enrolled in the Value or Buy-Up medical plan you have still have the opportunity to earn $1,040 in 2016 paycheck credits. Complete four healthy actions prior to the soft deadline of October 31, 2015 and your paycheck credits will begin with the first pay cycle in 2016.
Those who completed their pledges in November/December will still receive credits, they will just be delayed by about 6 to 8 weeks in 2016, and will not be retroactive.

Wellness Summary
Our carriers: United Healthcare, Cigna Dental, Davis Vision, and Transamerica transmit your date-of-service (not your health information) into your Wellness Summary, which can be found under the "Personal Information-SelfService-Benefits" tab when you login to Employee Self Service.

Your Wellness Summary will not be updated for viewing for approximately 6 to 8 weeks post your action.

If you have completed your pledges by the final deadline of Dec 31, 2015: 
There is no need to call-in, fax or file claims, office visits or other documents to the HR Service Center, you have complied!
Rest assured: 
If you completed your actions before Oct 31, 2015 your paycheck credits will begin with the first pay cycle of 2016.  

If you completed pledges in November/December timeframe you will still receive credits. They will just be delayed in 2016 by 6 to 8 weeks, and will not be retroactive. 

Here's What You Need to Do to Receive Credit
Complete an online health assessment - this pledge is required in order to receive any paycheck credits offered through the program
  • Login to
  • Click on the "Health Assessment" on the far right side of screen
  • Click on "Take the Health Assessment"
  • Complete security questions and health information
  • Hit "Submit"
  • If you are having technical issues, call 877-818-5826
  • You just earned yourself $260!
Choose to act on three additional healthy actions before Oct 31 and you will receive maximum credits in 2016. If you are delayed and do not complete until November/December you will still receive credits, they will just be delayed. These are your pledge choices:
  1. Annual Wellness Exam
  2. Dental Exam and Cleaning
  3. Vision Exam
  4. Breast Cancer Screening
  5. Skin Cancer Screening
  6. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  7. Cervical Cancer Screening
  8. Health Assessment for a Covered Spouse
    Your covered spouse has the option to complete the HA on as directed above
  9. Financial Wellness Video
    Login to - once you hit the blue tab "view" a communications box will appear underneath "Your Retirement Outlook"
    Select the "Financial Wellness Presentation" and watch in its entirety to receive the credit
The health system cares about you, and strives to find helpful and engaging ways to keep you healthy, happy and financially secure! More to come in 2016...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nursing Scholarship Winners

Just this past spring the Debbie Tascone Nursing Scholarship was awarded to six nursing students who are either employed by the health system or who qualify as a child or adult dependent of a North Shore-LIJ employee. This award honors those like Debbie, who will dedicate themselves to the field of nursing through their life-long devotion and excellence in service.

The winners include: 
  • Kathleen Sirna, daughter of employee Joseph Sirna
  • Geralyn Santos, daughter of Annemarie Santos
  • Kelly Secko, daughter of Kathleen Secko
  • Olumid Oyeleye, Mental Health, Zucker Hillside Hospital
  • Taneshia Ellington, Unit Receptionist, Zucker Hillside Hospital
  • Josann Matassa, Registered Nurse, South Oaks

As part of the process all applicants were required to answer three essay questions. These questions led the participant to share their feelings and true compassion about what it means to be a nurse.

"My father became a nurse at age 50," said Kathleen Sirna. "As a teenager, I would watch him surrounded by a bunch of books, studying, while balancing work and family. Once my father became an RN at North Shore-LIJ he became a different person. He would come home from his 12 hour shifts, smiling, and bursting to tell us what he experienced that day. Those wonderful stories are the reason I want to be a nurse," shares Kathleen.

On the topic of palliative care, scholarship winner, Taneshia Ellington states, "Enhancing the patient's quality of life during the dying process is a necessary and important goal. As a patient advocate, nurses are able to access and represent the patient's needs and quality of life preferences, vital to the development and implementation of a treatment plan."

Asked how this scholarship money will help him, Olumid Oyeleye responds, "Being gifted this scholarship I now know the process of becoming a nurse is mapped out for me. I am confident that nothing will get in my way. I am on my way to making the world a better place."

The Annual Debbie Tascone Nursing Scholarship awards $5,000 for a single academic school year, to six nursing students who exemplify North Shore-LIJ's core values. To be eligible you have to be enrolled - or have been accepted for enrollment - in an accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associate Degree in Nursing, or currently be taking graduate, post graduate or certificate courses in palliative care.

Just another reward offered to employees at North Shore-LIJ!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Ways to Get Your Total Rewards Information

The Internal Communications team, along with IT have been busy designing a fresh new look and navigation for the employee intranet. Set to launch on July 14, the updated employee website (currently known as HealthPort) will now house a dedicated section for Total Rewards. No more multiple clicks, hunting down information about your health benefits, employee discounts, retirement plans. The new section will be accessible under the myHR tab on the home page of the new employee intranet — check it out on July 14!

What is Total Rewards?
Your Total Rewards package refers to all the benefits and programs you have access to as a North Shore-LIJ employee. Although only a portion (about 47%) are eligible for the North Shore-LIJ health and welfare plans, there are plenty more programs that all employees can take advantage of. How about:
  • Retirement planning with a Transamerica representative 
  • Over 150+ local discounts with camps, gyms, eateries, shops, and so much more
  • National discounts when signing up for
  • Tips from payroll about how to manage your paycheck and check your time
  • Confidential advice from licensed professionals at Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs
  • Site and system-wide events for recognition
  • Wellness programs and initiatives
New Total Rewards Blog - IN CONSTRUCTION
As our programs grow - ways to reach out to you are growing too! Be on the lookout for a brand new Total Rewards Blog, launching later this month. The new blog will have improved search capabilities - categorizing articles by subject matter and tags, a new look and feel that will include photos and live links to informative sites. The comments sections will by much more engaging with the capability to capture your name - allowing the answers to be shared with others. 

Everyday's a new day when you are an employee at North Shore-LIJ!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retirement Planning in the Palm of Your Hand

Transamerica Retirement Solutions recently launched a major update to its mobile application. The My TRSRetire app has been enhanced with new features that gives comprehensive access to your retirement accounts from any of your mobile devices. If you have not downloaded the app yet - it's easy - just go to your App Store and search My TRSRetire.

The user-friendly interface of this free app makes it convenient to obtain an overview of all your TA retirement plan accounts, and view information such as your account and loan balances, current asset allocation, and personal rate of return information. You will have the ability to complete transactions, such as managing contributions and updating investment allocations.

Get OnTrack® While Mobile
If you have not discovered the OnTrack tool on Transamerica's website, now you have no excuse not to be in charge of your forecast for the future. As a plan participant the app will provide you a snapshot of your current strategy and projected retirement income, along with a retirement forecast that is represented by easy-to-understand weather icons. This friendly features will help you assess your retirement plan with visuals ranging from rainy, cloudy, party sunny to sunny.

So what are you waiting for? Start understanding your retirement planing - wherever you are!
For more information, visit or call 844-NSLIJHS (844-675-4547).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Managing Your Direct Deposit Accounts

Get the most out of your paycheck by setting up multiple accounts through direct deposit. Here's how it works:
Sarah's entire paycheck (after taxes and deductions) currently goes into her checking account with Bank of America. Sarah wants to help her son save for a car, so she sets up an additional account through payroll's direct deposit option and elects to contribute a set amount of $100 every time she gets paid. Sarah has the option to choose to elect that deduction in a percentage amount as well.

What's Next?
Sarah logs into her account on, goes into the personal information section, then finds the direct deposit tab under payroll and compensation.
Sarah's direct deposit information pops up - which will show her current checking account, routing and account number, deposit type, amount, and deposit order. She chooses $100 to savings and the balance to her checking. At the bottom of this screen is a button "add account". Here she can add her bank information (whatever bank she has an account with), authorize and submit. 

Where'd Her Money Go?
Sarah makes $2,000 per paycheck. With her second account set up as a savings account - $100 goes into her designated account for her son and the remaining "balance" of $1,900 goes into her general checking account with Bank of America. Sounds straight forward - right?

Keeping Going
Sarah uses her personal credit card to by office supplies and spends $200 at Staples. She submits her receipt to Accounts Payable and is reimbursed through direct deposit 6 to 8 weeks later. $100 goes to her savings account and $100 goes to her checking account. She questions where is my full reimbursement when looking at her checking account statement - she forgets her extra account is designated through Accounts Payable in addition to Payroll.

If she spent $101 at Staples - $100 would go to her savings account and the "balance" of $1 to her checking. That's because under the "Deposit Type" tab in the Direct Deposit setup she designates her checking as the "balance" account.

Hope this rather lengthy explanation helps you understand a bit more about how to manage multiple accounts in your direct deposit. Happy saving!