Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Gateway to Your Wellness Pledge Credits

If you are planning to enroll or re-enroll in the North Shore-LIJ Value or Buy-Up medical plan you are eligible to receive 2015 paycheck credits in exchange for completing an online Health Assessment and  3 additional health-related actions.

Health Assessment is the Gateway Pledge
It's not too late to complete the Health Assessment Pledge, which is the most important pledge. Without this pledge you are not eligible to receive paycheck credits for the others.
Example: Susan had a dental cleaning in March, an annual physical in June and a mammogram in August - if Susan completes the Gateway Pledge by October 31 she will receive the maximum amount of paycheck credits ($1,040) beginning with her first pay cycle in 2015. If Susan waits and does not complete her final Pledge until November or December - here paycheck credits will be delayed 4-8 weeks. If Susan ignores the Health Assessment altogether she will not receive paycheck credits for any pledges in 2015.

What are you waiting for? Complete your online HA now:
  1. Visit
  2. Register and login with a username and password
  3. Click on the Health Assessment tab on the right side of page
  4. Register and login using the same username and password you used for
  5. Answer security questions
  6. Fill in the health information
  7. Hit submit
The Health Assessment is 100% confidential. Your health information is housed by a third party provider, Optum Health and not shared with North Shore-LIJ Health System. The only information the health system receives is the date you submitted it.

Wellness Summary
The Health Assessment will appear on your Wellness Summary, the third Monday of the month following your submission.

The Program's Goal
The Wellness Pledge Program's goal is to educate and engage participating employees about the importance of their preventive healthcare routine. The Program runs on an annual basis and requires health-related actions the year prior to the receipt of paycheck credits. New Hires and those new to the medical plan have six months to comply. Scroll down and read more about the Wellness Pledge Program, or visit HealthPort>HR>Benefits>2015 Wellness Pledge Program.

Now you are on your way to a healthier and wealthier new year!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October is Here!

Since the deadline for the Wellness Pledges have been extended that mammogram you scheduled for during Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be in accordance with the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program.
Let's review the Pledge deadlines:

  • Complete the online Health Assessment on and 3 additional pledges by October 31 and you will receive your maximum paycheck credits beginning with the first pay cycle in 2015
  • Complete the online Health Assessment on and 3 additional pledges after October 31 (in November/December) and your paycheck credits will still appear in 2015 but they will be delayed 4-8 weeks - keep in mind, they will not be retroactive!

What you can do NOW - if eligible for the Pledge Program*
Step One: 
Complete your online Health Assessment on - it's the gateway pledge and is required in order to receive any paycheck credits in 2015
Step Two: 
Watch the Wellness Video - it was posted on your iLearn Module for viewing and submission
Step Three: 
Schedule 2 appointments (pledges) before Oct 31 and you will receive full credits:
--Annual Exam or Physical
--Dental Exam and/or Cleaning
--Vision Exam
--Breast Cancer Screening/Mammography
--Skin Cancer Screening/Check with a Dermatologist
--Colorectal Cancer Screening
In Addition: 
If you currently have your spouse covered under our medical plan you are also eligible to receive credit if he/she completes the online Health Assessment on

Read more by searching 2015 Wellness Pledge Program in the search box (upper right corner of this Blog) or click here.

*You must be a non-union benefits-eligible employee or a Lenox Hill Hospital RN who is planning to enroll of re-enroll in North Shore-LIJ's Value or Buy-Up medical plan with United Healthcare to be eligible for the paycheck credits. New hires and those new to the medical plan in 2015 will have 6 months from their benefit's eligibility date to comply with the Program. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wellness Pledge Program Extended

If you still have not completed your pledges and are having difficulty scheduling appointments or screenings in September, now you have a bit more time!
  • Complete the four wellness pledges/actions by October 31 and your paycheck credits will begin with the first pay cycle in 2015. 
  • Complete the pledges in November/December and you will receive your 2015 paycheck credits, but they will be delayed 4-8 weeks (or the first few pay cycles in January). These credits will not be retroactive, so do your best to complete all four pledges by 10/31!
Wellness All Year Long
The pledge extension has been opened up through December because the health system wants you to consider your preventive care routine all year long.

Give it Time!
If you are constantly checking your Wellness Summary to review the status of your pledges, remember it takes time for the providers to send in the claims, and it takes time for the claims to feed into the Wellness Summaries.

United Healthcare sends the claims to us the third Monday of every month so if you choose to do the Physician Wellness Visit in early August your date of service should be marked on your Summary after September 22 (remember September 1 was  legal holiday and did not count as the first Monday of the month).

If you took the time to take care of yourself, we'll take the time to take care of you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wellness Pledges for 2014 New Hires and Those New to the Plan in 2015

Are you considering enrolling (for the first time) in North Shore-LIJ's 2015 Value or Buy-Up medical plan through United Healthcare during Open Enrollment? Or perhaps you were recently hired and are looking at your benefit options in 2015. Either way, note that you have six months to complete these pledges. 

Wellness Pledge deadline for employees hired in 2014:
If you were hired in 2014 and currently enrolled in the 2014 Value or Buy-Up medical plan through United Healthcare you may have noticed four paycheck credits in your pay statement. That's because you we want your health experience at North Shore-LIJ to be a positive one. Now it's time for you to prepare for your health in 2015 by complying with the rest of the North Shore-LIJ family and complete your 2015 Wellness Pledges on time. Here's what you need to know:
  • You have six months to comply with the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program starting from your benefits eligibility date
  • Your benefits eligibility date is the first day of the month 32 days after your date of hire
  • Example:-Your first day at North Shore-LI was June 16
    -You are eligible for benefits enrollment on August 1
    -Your 2015 Wellness Pledges are due in six months from August 1 - that would be January 31, 2015
  • Up until that date of January 31 you will have received those first few paycheck credits in 2015
  • If you do not complete your pledge actions by January 2015 - your credits will cease with the February pay cycle
  • You are not expected to pay the health system back for those credits
Wellness Pledge deadline for employees who plan to enroll for the first time in the North Shore-LIJ Value or Buy-Up medical plan
Attention Lenox Hill Hospital Nurses:
  • You have six months from the day your benefits become effective with North Shore-LIJ's medical plan to complete the four pledges - that would be June 30, 2015
  • Up until that date of June 30 you will be receiving the paycheck credits each pay cycle
  • If you do not complete your pledge actions by June 30 - your credits will cease with July's pay cycle
  • You are not expected to pay the health system back for those credits
The health system hopes this newly designed Wellness Pledge Program will help to keep your preventive care at top of mind - not just when selecting your benefits - but all year long!

For more information about the Wellness Pledge Program, stay logged in and search "2015 Wellness Pledge Program" in the SEARCH THIS BLOG box in the upper right corner
visit HealthPort>Human Resources>Benefits>2015 Wellness Pledge Program>Wellness Pledge Toolkit for New Hires.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stay In Shape and Stay In Budget

In partnership with, North Shore-LIJ has launched a new program that offers health system employees*, with one year of service, the opportunity to purchase exercise equipment through payroll deduction. myWorkout offers a convenient way of ordering fitness equipment with free shipping, and no credit checks, memberships fees or late fees. Before you rush off and start shopping, note the following information for accurate ordering and a clear understanding of the program:

  1. Visit and login as a "Current Member"
  2. Use your employee ID number (found on your pay statement in ESS) as your username
  3. Use the year of your birth - times two - for your initial password (born in 1980? then your initial password is 19801980)
  4. Update your information - replacing your employee ID with your work email address and create a new password
  5. Hit "Save" once your shopper profile has been updated
  6. Hit "Start Shopping" and purchase exercise equipment from brand-name manufacturers through North Shore-LIJ payroll deduction
  7. Once you have found the item you would like to purchase click on "Add to Cart"
  8. Your order summary will display the cost and the maximum amount of payments you can make (26)
  9. Hit "Checkout" to review, and change, if need be, your information
    • Shipment information (free of charge no matter how large!)
    • Payment structure (ranges from 4 to 26 payments with no interest)
    • Final screen will review your order in its entirety
    • Hit "Place Order"
  10. If you see an error, such as the incorrect item was selected by mistake, return to the shopping cart icon at the top right hand corner of every screen
For customer service, email
Register by October 15 and enter to win a treadmill (no purchase required): 

*Per Diem employees and those not on NS-LIJ payroll are not eligible for the program. You must be employed by the health system for one year on the date of registration.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wellness Summary on Employee Self Service

Hopefully by now all you Wellness Pledge Participants have had the opportunity to complete and submit your online Health Assessment, as well as follow up with an additional three health-related actions/pledges listed in the 2015 Wellness Pledge Paycheck Credit Program. If not, there is still time to comply and get paycheck credits in 2015.

View Your Summary
You are now able to view your Pledge compliance on ESS. Notice that the online Health Assessment is listed first and in bold due to the mandatory completion requirements. If you do not complete and submit the online Health Assessment Pledge prior to December 31, you will not receive any paycheck credits for you other pledges.

The summary shows the pledge action choice on the left and the date of service you complied on the right.
As you can see none of the employee's pledges have been loaded into the Wellness Summary yet.

Please note: When you take action on one of your Wellness Pledges it takes at least one month for that information to load into your summary.

Below is the schedule of file uploading into the North Shore-LIJ platform from our carriers:
Health Assessment: 3rd Monday of month
United Healthcare claims: 3rd Monday of month
Cigna Dental claims: 1st Monday of month
Davis Vision claims: 1st day of month
Wellness Video on iLearn: 1st Monday of month

How Your Information Loads
Let's give some examples:
Your annual exam was on July 23, 2014. You should see your visit as complied after Wednesday, August 20 because United feeds their files on the 3rd Monday of the month.
Your dental cleaning was sometime in January and again in July. You should see your dental visit as complied on the January date of service. Your second visit will not override your first.
Your eyes were examined on August 1, 2014. To view your date of service on our Wellness Summary you will have to check back after September 1.

Still Don't See Date of Service?
Please keep in mind your physician's office may delay filing the claim with the carrier, which will further delay the capturing of your visit. Not to worry - as long as you complete your four wellness pledges/actions before December 31* you will receive the paycheck credits in 2015.

Check on the Status of Your Pledges
If you want to check up on the status of your pledges visit Employee Self Service - Personal Information - Self Service - Benefits - Wellness Summary.

*To receive your credits beginning with the first pay cycle of 2015, finish all pledges before October 31!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's Still Time to Do Wellness Pledges

Did you know over 8,000 benefit participants did not file a healthcare claim in 2013? That means 8,000 of our employees/dependents were not proactive with their health in 2013! So while there is still a few good months before winter hits us what better way to celebrate than to Pledge to Be Well. 

If you are planning on enrolling in the 2015 medical plan with North Shore-LIJ, and have not had the chance to review or act on the 2015 Wellness Pledge Program in exchange for your paycheck credits in 2015, the time to act is NOW -  the deadline for the pledge program has been extended through the end of the year.

Deadline Dates
  • October 31 is the deadline to remember if you want those paychecks starting with the first pay cycle in 2015.
  • Pledge compliance in November/December will still get you paycheck credits in 2015 but they will be delayed by 4 to 8 weeks. These credits will not be retroactive, so do your best to complete all four pledges by October 31.
Who is Eligible?
Full-time and eligible part-time non-union employees and Lenox Hill nurses who are enrolling or re-enrolling in the 2015 medical plan through North Shore-LIJ.

Here's the quickest way to complete your pledges:

One:  Submit Your Mandatory Online Health Assessment 
Complete the online Health Assessment (HA) on (which is a mandatory pledge). Visit HealthPort for detailed instructions.

Two: Watch the Wellness Video on iLearn
Take 2 to 3 minutes to watch this informative video about your preventive care on North Shore-LIJ's Learning Management System's iLearn (refer to this blog post for more on the video)If the Wellness Video Pledge is not loaded on your module and you know you have not viewed it, contact for help.

Three: Schedule a Dental Exam
If you are up to date on your dental hygiene you should be scheduling your second dental exam/cleaning for the calendar year. If so, note you have complied as of the first, since the dates of eligibility are January 1 through December 31. If you have not had any dental exam in 2014 and have no dentist, search Cigna Providers.

Four: Schedule An Eye Exam
Schedule an exam even if you have no problems with your vision. Vision issues can arise as we age. Search Davis Vision for a location near you. Keep in mind you need to be currently enrolled in the Vision Plan for your visit to be recorded.

What Else?
Another valuable Pledge is the HA for your Covered Spouse - just keep in mind your spouse can only participate if he or she is currently enrolled in the health system's medical plan with United. Visit

Visit HealthPort or tool around this Blog, to learn more about the other pledge choices available to you.
Here's to a happy healthy you - all year long!