Tuesday, July 7, 2015

More Ways to Get Your Total Rewards Information

The Internal Communications team, along with IT have been busy designing a fresh new look and navigation for the employee intranet. Set to launch on July 14, the updated employee website (currently known as HealthPort) will now house a dedicated section for Total Rewards. No more multiple clicks, hunting down information about your health benefits, employee discounts, retirement plans. The new section will be accessible under the myHR tab on the home page of the new employee intranet — check it out on July 14!

What is Total Rewards?
Your Total Rewards package refers to all the benefits and programs you have access to as a North Shore-LIJ employee. Although only a portion (about 47%) are eligible for the North Shore-LIJ health and welfare plans, there are plenty more programs that all employees can take advantage of. How about:
  • Retirement planning with a Transamerica representative 
  • Over 150+ local discounts with camps, gyms, eateries, shops, and so much more
  • National discounts when signing up for workingadvantage.com
  • Tips from payroll about how to manage your paycheck and check your time
  • Confidential advice from licensed professionals at Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs
  • Site and system-wide events for recognition
  • Wellness programs and initiatives
New Total Rewards Blog - IN CONSTRUCTION
As our programs grow - ways to reach out to you are growing too! Be on the lookout for a brand new Total Rewards Blog, launching later this month. The new blog will have improved search capabilities - categorizing articles by subject matter and tags, a new look and feel that will include photos and live links to informative sites. The comments sections will by much more engaging with the capability to capture your name - allowing the answers to be shared with others. 

Everyday's a new day when you are an employee at North Shore-LIJ!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retirement Planning in the Palm of Your Hand

Transamerica Retirement Solutions recently launched a major update to its mobile application. The My TRSRetire app has been enhanced with new features that gives comprehensive access to your retirement accounts from any of your mobile devices. If you have not downloaded the app yet - it's easy - just go to your App Store and search My TRSRetire.

The user-friendly interface of this free app makes it convenient to obtain an overview of all your TA retirement plan accounts, and view information such as your account and loan balances, current asset allocation, and personal rate of return information. You will have the ability to complete transactions, such as managing contributions and updating investment allocations.

Get OnTrack® While Mobile
If you have not discovered the OnTrack tool on Transamerica's website, now you have no excuse not to be in charge of your forecast for the future. As a plan participant the app will provide you a snapshot of your current strategy and projected retirement income, along with a retirement forecast that is represented by easy-to-understand weather icons. This friendly features will help you assess your retirement plan with visuals ranging from rainy, cloudy, party sunny to sunny.

So what are you waiting for? Start understanding your retirement planing - wherever you are!
For more information, visit nslij.trsretire.com or call 844-NSLIJHS (844-675-4547).

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Managing Your Direct Deposit Accounts

Get the most out of your paycheck by setting up multiple accounts through direct deposit. Here's how it works:
Sarah's entire paycheck (after taxes and deductions) currently goes into her checking account with Bank of America. Sarah wants to help her son save for a car, so she sets up an additional account through payroll's direct deposit option and elects to contribute a set amount of $100 every time she gets paid. Sarah has the option to choose to elect that deduction in a percentage amount as well.

What's Next?
Sarah logs into her account on ess.nslijweb.com, goes into the personal information section, then finds the direct deposit tab under payroll and compensation.
Sarah's direct deposit information pops up - which will show her current checking account, routing and account number, deposit type, amount, and deposit order. She chooses $100 to savings and the balance to her checking. At the bottom of this screen is a button "add account". Here she can add her bank information (whatever bank she has an account with), authorize and submit. 

Where'd Her Money Go?
Sarah makes $2,000 per paycheck. With her second account set up as a savings account - $100 goes into her designated account for her son and the remaining "balance" of $1,900 goes into her general checking account with Bank of America. Sounds straight forward - right?

Keeping Going
Sarah uses her personal credit card to by office supplies and spends $200 at Staples. She submits her receipt to Accounts Payable and is reimbursed through direct deposit 6 to 8 weeks later. $100 goes to her savings account and $100 goes to her checking account. She questions where is my full reimbursement when looking at her checking account statement - she forgets her extra account is designated through Accounts Payable in addition to Payroll.

If she spent $101 at Staples - $100 would go to her savings account and the "balance" of $1 to her checking. That's because under the "Deposit Type" tab in the Direct Deposit setup she designates her checking as the "balance" account.

Hope this rather lengthy explanation helps you understand a bit more about how to manage multiple accounts in your direct deposit. Happy saving!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Retirement Ready Class - June 23

If you have started to think about your retirement, you may want to take advantage of the health system's educational seminar hosted by Transamerica Retirement Solutions on June 23. This interactive presentation will address some of your concerns, as you and other employees plan the next chapter of your lives.

When and Where
Tuesday, June 23, Transamerica representative, Diane Aurelio will be presenting "Get Ready to Retire" 6 to 7:30pm at the Center for Learning and Innovation, Suite 101. This informational session will provide you — and your spouse — with a higher level of clarity and confidence, enabling you to ask the right questions when making decisions about your retirement.

What to Address
To get you on track, Diane will share a six-step process to retirement planning, directing you to reliable resources and sound choices. The five key areas of discussion include your lifestyle, investments, healthcare needs, protection, and income. Although there will be other participants in the room, the seminar promises to address your individual situation, by using interactive polling devices, addressing your situation in an open forum discussion. Topics such as Medicare, Medigap, the NSLIJ Retiree Medical Plan, your will, Social Security, and much more, will be covered in this 90 minute presentation.

Be Aware
Don't let your retirement planning overwhelm you! Understanding what you have now, and what you need in the future, is the key to your peace of mind. Attendees are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Because you cannot register a guest through iLearn's registration, seats will be reserved for spouses.

To register for the event, visit iLearn:

  1. Click on the search tab, and type in keywords "Retirement Ready Class" Date: June 23
  2. Hit "Add Attendees" on the left of the course name
  3. Click on the first letter of your last name, and search your last name
  4. Check the box next to your name and hit "enroll"
  5. An email confirmation will come to your inbox - accept it to your Outlook calendar
You are one step closer to a happy retirement!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Financial Wellness Video is Live!

Ten minutes  - that's all it takes to gain valuable information about your retirement planning options and $260 in 2016 paycheck credits.

Pledge Option
Your ninth pledge option for 2015 is referred to as the Financial Wellness Video. Although it is a bit different from your other pledge options - it is just as important. After all, a big part of your future health and wellness is your financial security once you have stopped working. Although that may seem like decades away to some of you millennials out there - your saving opportunity is now.

In collaboration with Transamerica Retirement Solution, the health system's benefits team put together this special presentation (pledge) in hopes you will embrace the importance of understanding your saving actions. Whether you are well on your way to a prosperous retirement, or haven't even begun to think about it, this brief overview on the basics of investing will also educate you on the options the health system and Transamerica offer you as an employee.

What to Do to Complete the Pledge
  1. Login to your TA account* on nslij.trsretire.com
  2. Take a moment to review your "Overview" page and "Retirement Outlook".
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. On the lower right corner you will see a "Communications" box. Within that box is the link to the video.
  4. When you click to view, an information box will appear. Here you will need to provide your name, an email address, your employee ID**, and a wellness code (which is pre-populated for you).
  5. The video will begin. It takes a little under 10 minutes to complete this pledge, so be sure to schedule your time accordingly. 
  6. You must watch and listen to the video in its entirety. No muting or skipping, or you will not receive the credit.
  7. At the end of the video pledge (last screen) a red button will turn green. At this point you can exit the video and a certificate of completion will arrive in your email inbox.
  8. Print and save the certificate. Your certificate will only appear once, even if you repeat the video.
  9. Your pledge completion date will appear on your Wellness Summary in ESS in about 6 to 8 weeks.
*Don't have an account with Transamerica yet? If you are one of the many eligible employees who were automatically enrolled in either a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan upon hire, you can then set up your account. When on the sign up page - just hit "Get started now" and follow the prompts.

**Your employee ID can be found on your paycheck. Visit ESS - Personal Information - Payroll - View Your Paycheck. The ID is in the upper left-hand corner in a box marked general.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wellness Pledge Program Requires a Health Assessment

As the we approach the halfway mark in the calendar year, now might be a good time to complete your online health assessment (HA) on myuhc.com. As the gateway pledge to the Annual Wellness Pledge Program, the health assessment will help to summarize your overall health and wellness in about 15 minutes. Although the assessment should not be a replacement for your visit to doctor, it will assist in improving your next visit.

Health Assessment - Return User
Many of you may be return users. Since you already have an account - your login will take you directly to last year's HA. A portion of your information will be entered - such as your gender, height, weight, and biometrics. At this point you can update this information or leave as is. There are a total of 59 questions, which will cover your lifestyle habits. You are encouraged to answer all of these as honestly as possible. Once you have completed the 59 questions, hit continue. You will have 92 days to go back into your health assessment and change/update any of your responses. At the end of your assessment you will receive notification of your health results, which will also bring you to a printable page. This indicates your pledge as complete.

New User
If you have never registered on the myuhc portal, hit register now and follow the prompts to create your username and password. Once you have logged in to the health assessment you will be required to fill  in all fields to complete the pledge and receive your certificate of completion.

Kindness Comes on myuhc.com
Do you know someone special in your life that is due for a kind word or pat on the back?  Send an eCard, specially designed by our friends at United Healthcare, to show someone you are thinking of them. Login to myuhc.com, click on the link "Mental Health & Substance Abuse" and find eCards on the Quick Links. It's one of the many services United Healthcare shares with its members. Login and take a look around: myuhc.com.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Celebrate Your Benefits

April 2 is National Employee Benefits Day! In honor of this year's theme, which is dedicated to improving employee health and well-being, get out and do something healthy for yourself. When you do something positive to better your physical and mental state, your energy will naturally flow over to your customers, family and friends.

Schedule a Visit
Whether or not you are participating in the Wellness Pledge Program, take the time to make an appointment with one or more of your healthcare providers. Keeping on track with your preventive care routine in 2015 will make it that much more natural in the years to come. Consider your coverage in the North Shore-LIJ Benefits Plan:

  • A physician wellness visit with an in-system or in-network healthcare provider is covered at 100%
  • A visit with your OB/GYN, which will most likely include a Pap test for cervical cancer, is covered for the low copay of $40 (if in-system)
  • A vision exam with a Davis Vision provider* is covered at 100%
  • Two trips to your dentist are covered at 100% (in-network)
  • A skin cancer screening by your dermatologist is covered for the low copay of $40 (if in-system)
Find In-System Providers and North Shore-LIJ Facilities HERE

Find Financial Fitness
Another great way to treat yourself well is by investing in your financial future. Take the time to celebrate your benefits by increasing your contribution to your 403(b)/401(k) plan by 1%. Maybe even consider using the Auto-Increase tool on the Transamerica website, making your saving automatic!

Get a Discount on Your Fitness
Make exercise a part your lifestyle. As a health system employee you are offered discounts to over 27 exercise facilities in the area. Big names like YMCA/Long Island/Greater NYC, Equinox, CrossFit Sanctuary, NY Health and Racquet Club, Island Fitness, as well as some locals such as Evolution Fitness in Bayville and Oyster Bay are all available to you at reduced rates. Just show your employee ID and start getting healthy - today. For a complete list visit the employee intranet>Discounts.

*As of April 1, two North Shore-LIJ Opthalmology offices are considered Davis Vision providers:
MEETH Ophthalmology, Marta Fabrykowski, OD and Christopher Lee, OD
210 E. 64th St., NYC at 212-702-7300
NSLIJ Department of Ophthalmology, Corina Busuioc, OD, Francesca Kim, OD
600 Northern Blvd., Great Neck at 516-470-2020